Counterfeit products are becoming increasingly prevalent and are often difficult for consumers to distinguish from the real thing. These products often sacrifice safety and, when these items contain electrical or electronic components, this risk is heightened. UL understands these risks and our Global Security and Brand Protection team works diligently to prevent these products from finding their way onto the market.

In 2015 alone, global trade of counterfeit goods exceeded €330 billion* and spanned nearly every industry. By working to educate consumers and business, enforce existing laws and regulations, and partner with various global organizations, we are constantly working toward a safer tomorrow.

A recent European Parliament briefing, “Consumers and Businesses at Risk: Counterfeit Electrical Products Across Europe,” provided us with the opportunity to meet with some of our partners in the EU to discuss the current state of anti-counterfeiting efforts. With experts from parliament, the Intellectual Property and Fight against Counterfeiting at DG Grow, and the IPC3 Crime Unit at Europol, we discussed the importance of education and diligence in the face of these increasing sophisticated counterfeit operations.

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